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Conditions of Sale

Conditions of Sale

Unless amended by any posted notice during the sale, the following conditions of sale are the complete terms and conditions on which all property is offered for sale. The property is offered by Seahawk Auctions Inc. Auctioneer, as agent for the consignors, unless the catalogue indicates otherwise.
1. BUYERS DEEMED TO KNOW THESE CONDITIONS: All parties bidding at the sale
shall be held to have informed themselves as to these conditions of sale.

2. ALL BIDDERS TO REGISTER: Any party bidding at the sale shall register their
full name and address with the Auctioneer before the sale.

3. NO WARRANTIES: The lots are sold "AS IS". The Auctioneer has taken care to
insure that any statements regarding the items, and any descriptions regarding
the items contained in the catalogue are accurate. However all such statements
and descriptions are statements of opinion and are in no way representations of
fact. All parties bidding at the sale shall be held to have satisfied
themselves as to the identity and condition of any lot for sale and the
authenticity of any description of statement regarding these lots, and all
parties shall be precluded from raising any objections thereto after the sale
of the lots in question on any grounds whatsoever.


5. RESERVES: The Auctioneer reserves the right to withdraw any lot at any time
before, and/or during the sale. Certain lots may be subject to reserve bids or
absentee bids and the Auctioneer is not bound to sell any lot whatsoever to the
highest bidder or any other bidder. 6. CONDUCT OF AUCTION: Where there is a
dispute concerning a misbid, or any other matter in the sale, the Auctioneer
may, at his discretion, re-open the bidding or start the bidding over.

7. AUCTIONEER TO DETERMINE ALL DISPUTES: All matters of dispute must be
immediately submitted to the auctioneer.

8. COMPLETION OF SALE: Subject to any dispute, the lot shall be deemed to have
been sold and delivered when the Auctioneer says "SOLD".

9. REMOVAL OF GOODS: Immediately on having been sold, all lots are held to be
delivered and remain at the purchaser's own risk. Upon the sale the purchaser
assumes full risk and responsibility for the lot. We will assist buyers in
making shipping arrangements. Final arrangements and agreements are between the
buyer and shipper.

10. TERMS OF PAYMENT: Upon sale the purchaser must pay the full purchase price to
the Auctioneer. Unless otherwise arranged, the purchaser must remove the lot from
the premises on the day of the sale. Before removal, all lots must be paid for by
cash, approved cheque, or credit card. There are no terms. The Auctioneer reserves
the right to hold any lot until the cheque tendered in payment of said lot has
been cleared by the bank and/or approved to the satisfaction of the Auctioneer.

Auctions reserves the right to publish any or all prices realized and to reproduce
photographically, or permit others to reproduce photographically, any items which
Seahawk Auctions photographed and had received for auction.

12. All purchases are subject to applicable Federal H.S.T. or G.S.T. tax. Items shipped out of or removed from Canada are exempt.

13. BUYERS PREMIUM: Any party who is the successful highest bidder on any lot
understands that in addition to the sale price a 20% buyers premium will be added to the sale price.


15. AUCTIONEER: Any reference to the Auctioneer in these conditions of sale includes
agents, employees and associates of the Auctioneer.