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Absentee Bid Form

Please read following.

Seahawk Auctions is hereby authorized to bid on the following lots up to, but not exceeding the amount(s) stated below. We will obtain the item(s) as reasonably as possible (as though I were present bidding myself).

We assume no responsibility for failure to execute these bids for any reason whatsoever.

I understand if my bid is successful, the purchase price will be aggregate of the final bid and a premium, as stated in the Conditions of Sale for this auction, together with any taxes due thereon.

Dealers (for Canadian Bidders Only):
Are you purchasing for resale?

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I hereby certify that all purchases by me will be for resale and is not subject to Sales Tax. I hereby certify that I hold:
Sellers Permit #:

We will notify absentee bidders within three days to confirm results and make arrangement for immediate payment and removal. Items purchased by the absentee bidder become the property of the purchaser. Only absentee bidders whom achieve a successful bid(s) will be notified.

All bids will be treated as offers subject to Conditions of Sale.

Absentee bids are carried out free of charge. Please make sure your name and telephone number are clearly legible. Where details cannot be deciphered, absentee bid(s) will not be carried out.

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FOR MORE THAN 10 Bids: Following the submission of this form you will be able to submit more bids and so on to complete your bids.

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Please read the following "Conditions of Sale":

Check this box if you acknowledge, agree and assent to the above "Conditions of Sale." Agreement to the Conditions of Sale is required for this form submission to be fully accepted.

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