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  1. Lot #79

    Northwest Coast Copper Bolo with Incised Bear and Killer Whale Design and Signed Haida Art, Inscribed To Reg A From Bob D 1 3/8x 2 1/4 Good Condition

    Sold for: $3,750.00

  2. Lot #100

    Chief Tony Hunt Carved Alder Bukwus Bowl Signed Tony Hunt '73 21 L. 9 W. Good Condition

    Sold for: $4,250.00

  3. Lot #140

    Kwagiulth Moon Mask Welcome Woman Carved From One Piece of Wood by Stan Hunt - Fort Rupert, B.C. 29 1/2x 30 1/2 Good Condition

    Sold for: $8,000.00

  4. Lot #141

    Kwagiulth Articulated Multiple Raven Mask and Two Hamatsa Skulls Carved by Stan Hunt - Fort Rupert, B.C. 40 1/2 L. 26 H. (Without Cedar Bark) Good Condition

    Sold for: $3,500.00

  5. Lot #156

    Charles Edenshaw Argillite Totem Depicting a Wolf Biting Human and Tail Wrapped Around Human with a Shark At Top and Transforming Hawkman with Killer Whale 10 H. 1 1/2 W. Base Good Condition

    Sold for: $55,000.00

  6. Lot #157

    Early Haida Argillite Shaman Figure 9 H. 2 3/8 W. Good Condition with Repair To Base and Feet

    Sold for: $7,500.00

  7. Lot #124

    Blackfoot Beaded Man's Wool Shirt ca. 1890-1900, Sinew and Cotton Sewn - Provenance: Sotheby's New York May 1995, Trotta Bono, Shrub, New York, Men's Size Large

    Sold for: $5,000.00

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