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 Over 350 items featuring a Robert Davidson bronze dogfish 51” H., Susan Point spindle whorl 84” W., superb Charles Edenshaw argillite totem, Bill Reid original pencil drawing, Bill Reid “Haida Art” earring and cufflink set, early Haida argillite carvings, 19TH C. Kwakiutl mask, Nootka mask ca. 1900, 19TH C. Northwest Coast painted copper, Blackfoot beaded shirt ca. 1890. Bukwus bowl and six masks by Henry Hunt 1953, Tony Hunt bukwus bowl ‘73, Stan Hunt Kwagiulth moon and multiple raven masks, Charlie James totem 31” H., Ellen Neel totem, George Nelson totem 32” H. Collection of baskets and early stone pipes. Paintings and serigraphs, Inuit carvings, beadwork of all description, stone mauls, adze and arrowheads, SW rugs, pottery and jewelry...