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Featured products

  1. Lot #107

    Haida Argillite Flute ca. 1830 with Two Frogs and a Whale, Incised Tobacco leaf Design 9 3/8 L. Fair Condition with Loss To Whistle

    Sold for: $8,000.00

  2. Lot #111

    Historic 19TH C. San Juan Dough Bowl with Fire Clouds 17 D. 10 H. Good Condition

    Sold for: $3,100.00

  3. Lot #143

    Red River Metis Beaded Octopus Bag ca. 1840-1860 with Floral Design on Red Trade Cloth and Wool Tassels 17 L. 8 W. Good Condition with Minor Loss to Beads and Cloth

    Sold for: $3,750.00

  4. Lot #188

    Yew Wood Ceremonial Staff Carved with Multiple Figure ca. 1880 From the Estate of Sir Lyman Melvin Jones, the 9th Mayor of Winnipeg 1887-1888, Gifted To Him 33 1/2 L. Very Good Condition

    Sold for: $17,000.00

  5. Lot #108

    Totem Given to Mrs Thiemer by Mungo Martin, Carved with Thunderbird, Octopus and Shaman Holding a Sculpin 13 H. 7 5/8 W. Good Condition

    Sold for: $3,500.00

  6. Lot #133

    Bill Reid Silver Brooch/Pendant with Incised Raven Design Signed Haida Art Reid 2 1/4 D. Fine Condition

    Sold for: $8,000.00

  7. Lot #116

    Finely Carved Argillite Totem with Eagle, Raven and Bear by Derek Edenshaw and Patrick Stevenson 9 1/2 H. 2 1/2 W. Base Good Condition

    Sold for: $3,100.00

  8. Lot #142

    Kwagiulth Hamatsa Mask Carved with Ravens and Crooked Beak by Charlie Joseph 36 H. 22 W. 25 Deep Good Condition

    Sold for: $5,500.00

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